Canon INC. Settles Unlawful Background Check Lawsuit

September 19, 2014 Legal Team
In 2012, Canon date entry worker, Anya McPherson, was terminated from the company after information from a background check reached the company. She had been on the job for 4 days when the company cited a felony from over a decade prior as the reason for her termination.Shortly after her termination, McPherson and her...
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Another Celebrity Chef Cooks up a Lawsuit

September 12, 2014 Legal Team
Celebrity chef David Burke, who is most famous for appearing on Iron Chef America, has been served with an employee lawsuit. Burke is not the first celebrity chef to be sued by a former employee, nor will he be the last. This suit is unique, however, since it seems Burke may have blatantly violated...
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Huffington Post Editor Investigated for Sexual Harassment

September 9, 2014 Legal Team
Managing editor Jimmy Soni, 29, left the Huffington Post in May to focus on launching the company's website in India. Then, Soni left the company a month later to focus on writing a mathematics book. So what really happened? Well according to employees of the media site, Soni was under investigation by AOL, the...
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Your Right to Lactate

September 8, 2014 Legal Team
Mothers who want to breastfeed and still return to work can face difficulties, including simply finding a time and place to express breast milk when they are not with their babies.In California, a specific law provides for “Lactation Accommodation” –what an employer is required to do so a breastfeeding employee can do what she...
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Raiderettes-1; Raiders-0

September 5, 2014 Legal Team
We have been closely following the story of former Raiderette, Lacy T., the cheerleader who dared sue the Bay Area's beloved team. Now, Lacy T. has trail blazed the way to fair wages for NFL cheerleaders…at least in California.At the beginning of the year, an initial wage and hour case for a proposed class...
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