In a Lot of Trouble–Indiana’s Controversial New Law

March 31, 2015 Legal Team
Every outlet of media has been ablaze talking about Indiana's controversial new “Religious Freedom” law. Last week, Governor Mike Pence proudly stated, “Today I signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act because I support the freedom of religion for every Hoosier of every faith.” In short, the law would allow private businesses and individuals to...
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Can You Be Fired for Speaking to the Press?

March 30, 2015 Legal Team
January proved to be a particularly important month for many states this year. That was the month that new minimum wage hikes took place—in fact 20 states saw adjustments in their employees' base earnings. On state, Arkansas increased its minimum wage from $7.25 an hour up to $7.50 per hour.Shanna Tippen was one of...
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FMLA, Retaliation, and Lawsuits

March 26, 2015 Legal Team
Ronald Rice was excited to share the news of his wife's pregnancy with his co-workers and employer in January 2012. Within days of his announcement, however, his work relationship turned sour.Suddenly, Rice was assigned a multitude of extra duties that were outside his job description. He endured the extra workload for six months until...
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Allegations of Racial Discrimination Against GOP Chairman

March 25, 2015 Legal Team
John Padgett, head of the Georgia Republican Party, is facing allegations that he engaged in racial discrimination against an employee of one of his privately owned firms. Vanessa Dewberry, a former manager of Southeast Ambulance Inc., run by Padgett's firm, filed a federal lawsuit against the politician in Atlanta.Dewberry had a meeting last February...
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Bed, Bath, & Beyond Paying Correct Wages

March 24, 2015 Legal Team
The home furnishing chain, Bed, Bath & Beyond has yet another wage and hour lawsuit filed against them, alleging misclassification, failure to pay overtime, and failure to pay to double-time wages. Joshua, a department manager at the company's Houston store, became the lead plaintiff in this new lawsuit.He was classified as a salaried, exempt...
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