Mother of Former Target Employee Is Suing for Wrongful Death

January 30, 2015 Legal Team
The mother of a former Target Corporation cashier, who worked for a store in Pasadena, is suing the company for wrongful death, false imprisonment, and intentional infliction of emotional distress as a result of her son's suicide. Graham Gentles, the former employee, jumped from a hotel roof three days after he was terminated from...
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Cartoon Conflicts

January 28, 2015 Legal Team
The San Diego Police Department is being sued over the usage of an over century-old cartoon in training seminars. African American sergeant, Arthur Scott, who has been with the force for 10 years, filed a complaint with the department alleging the cartoon was racist and should be removed.The cartoon in question was first published...
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Former Wet Seal Employees Turn to the Law for Help

January 27, 2015 Legal Team
Earlier this month, the retail chain, Wet Seal announced they were abruptly closing the majority of their stores, resulting in the lay-off of over 3,000 employees. The employees were given only a day's worth of notice and had to forfeit accrued vacation and benefits. We previously blogged about it here. While at the time the...
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California Is Ahead of the Curve; President Obama Wants to Put the Nation on Track

January 22, 2015 Legal Team
President Obama has laid out proposals for two new employment actions that will bring the nation to the employee protected level California is already in. In fact, the country, if Obama's initiatives come to fruition, will be more ambitious than California's measures. First, companies that employ 15 or more people will be required to...
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Rand Paul Doesn’t Believe You’re Disabled, but California Does

January 16, 2015 Legal Team
One big debate in recent news was stirred by politician Rand Paul's comments about employees on disability.  Sen. Paul suggested more than half of disabled employees were “malingers” – liars who fake illness just to get out of having to work.  Sen. Paul went on to belittle the majority of disabled employees, saying they...
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