Kashif Haque and Samuel A. Wong founded Aegis Law Firm in 2003.  Since then, they have built one of the leading labor and employment law firms in Orange County. The firm specializes in sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination, disability discrimination, and wage violations. In the last year alone, Mr. Haque and Mr. Wong have obtained over ten million dollars for their clients. The attorneys at Aegis are well respected litigators with impressive success rates in trials, arbitration, and administrative proceedings.

“Even though we have achieved astounding monetary results and have been bestowed numerous awards, we believe the true measure of success is client satisfaction.”

Aegis sets itself apart from its competitors. The attorneys at Aegis graduated from top law schools and have been trained at the nation’s most prestigious firms, thus allowing Aegis to provide superior legal representation to individual plaintiffs and small businesses, which are normally only available to large corporations. Aegis prides itself on finding affordable and creative financial solutions for clients, including contingency and incentive-based arrangements.