Tell-All Tale from a Former American Apparel Employee

September 4, 2014 Legal Team
In a piece entitled, “Twenty Days of Harassment and Racism as an American Apparel Employee,” an author who only identifies herself as “Jane Doe” divulged about her experience working for the ethically clean company. Though the company embraces fair wages for its garment workers and abhors sweatshops, positive company culture has yet to permeate...
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Your Private Information Is Just That: Private

September 3, 2014 Legal Team
Sometimes, your boss knows things about you that you don't want your coworkers to know.  Maybe you have a disability, or are going through marital troubles, or are being treated for bipolar disorder.There are often good reasons you have to tell your supervisor things like this.  Maybe you explained why you had to miss...
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Pizza Hut and Pizza Legal Heaven

September 2, 2014 Legal Team
As many employees know, more and more companies – especially in the fast-food industry – use something called a “franchise” to separate the main company legally from your local store and employer.  While your local Pizza Hut may look exactly like all the other Pizza Huts you see, it is probably owned by a...
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