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Can You Be Wrongfully Terminated Based On Marital Status?

April 16, 2024 Legal Team
If you’re employed as a W2 worker in California, you may be unsure of all the rights you are afforded and how you’re protected in your employment when on the job.  In this guide, we’ll be discussing how California protects the rights of employees based on aspects of their identity, such as their marital...
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How Constructive Dismissal is Different from Wrongful Termination?

January 7, 2024 Legal Team
Both constructive dismissal and wrongful termination involve the end of employment but differ significantly in terms of the circumstances, legal implications, and employee rights.  Constructive Dismissal Defined Constructive dismissal occurs when an employee decides to resign from their position due to a fundamental breach of the employment contract by the employer. Unlike traditional termination,...
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How Long Do You Have to File a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit in California?

September 28, 2021 Legal Team
You may think that wrongful termination doesn’t happen often.Think again.According to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), at least 150,000 workers are wrongfully terminated from their jobs each year.If you believe you’ve been unjustly fired from your job, you may wonder how long you have to file a wrongful termination lawsuit. Read on to...
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Can My Employer Legally Fire Me for Being a Whistleblower?

August 27, 2021 Legal Team
A whistleblower is “a person who informs on a person or organization engaged in an illicit activity.”Essentially, a whistleblower is someone who reports on shady behavior that occurs within an organization.You may wonder whether your employer has the legal right to terminate your employment if you are a whistleblower. After all, you have to...
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How To Sue for Wrongful Termination in California

July 29, 2021 Legal Team
California is an “at-will” employment state, which means that you, as an employee, and your employer have the right to conclude the employment relationship at any time and without notice.However, this does not mean that employers have the right to terminate your employment for just any reason. If your employer fires you for an...
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