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Raiderettes-1; Raiders-0

September 5, 2014 Legal Team

We have been closely following the story of former Raiderette, Lacy T., the cheerleader who dared sue the Bay Area’s beloved team. Now, Lacy T. has trail blazed the way to fair wages for NFL cheerleaders…at least in California.

At the beginning of the year, an initial wage and hour case for a proposed class action was filed in Alameda Superior Court. Seven months after the suit was filed, the Raiders revamped their contracts for the incoming 2014-2015 squad. As a result, Raiderettes would be paid a minimum wage of $9 per hour in accordance with CA Labor Law, plus overtime. They will be compensated for mandatory community events, rehearsals, and any other Raiderettes related gigs.

Additionally, the women will be reimbursed for necessary business expenses rather than paying out of pocket for mandatory services (i.e. hair a certain color, cut, etc.). The Raiderette’s supervisory team can no longer deduct wages from the cheerleaders for rule violations like bringing the wrong pom-poms to practice. To top it all off, the Raiderettes can now receive 10 minutes breaks at games.

The suit was settled for the class representatives, class members, and attorneys for $1.25 million to be split between the respective participants.

Source: LA Times