Employer Background Checks – Here’s How

July 30, 2014 Legal Team
It is pretty common that when you apply for a job for your employer to check your background and references, but how do you check the employer for a history of red flags? There are several places you can go online to find out various things about an employer to which you are applying....
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Photographer Peter Beard Sued by His Muse

July 28, 2014 Legal Team
Model Natalie White, a creative director for iconic photographer Peter Beard, is suing her friend and his wife for swindling her out of her life savings. Beard, known predominantly for his rock star and supermodel photographs, is accused of breaking a lucrative contract.It all started because of a series of Polaroid pictures. According to...
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Purloined Potty Privacy

July 24, 2014 Legal Team
This falls under the heading of “Be glad you don't work here”:  In Chicago, Illinois, a company has started monitoring the time employees spend in the bathroom and disciplining employees it thinks to use the restroom too much.The company requires employees to swipe a card on a card reader when they enter and exit...
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Beverly Hills 90210…Is Getting Sued

July 21, 2014 Legal Team
The principal of the famed high school has filed a federal lawsuit against the school district this week alleging racial discrimination and retaliation. Carter Paysinger, principal of the school since 2010, accused Beverly Hills High School and the school district of harassment and denying job opportunities to himself and his family.Paysinger claims that the...
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Yahoo Exec Fires Back and Counter Sues Former Employee

July 18, 2014 Legal Team
If you've ever wondered why employers and their lawyers mistrust employees who report supervisor misconduct, look no further than this case of an apparently desperate and deceptive employee:According to a suit recently filed by a Yahoo executive, a Yahoo software engineer under her supervision allegedly had performance problems and received negative performance reviews from...
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