Winning Your Claim for Unpaid Overtime Wages

August 28, 2019 Legal Team
California's overtime law requires employers to pay those employees who are eligible twice their rate of pay when they have worked more than 12 hours in one workday or more than eight hours on their seventh consecutive day of work. Employees who qualify for overtime in California are paid 1.5 times their normal rate when they work...
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Is Accent Discrimination Illegal?

August 19, 2019 Legal Team
In Great Britain, the issue of regional accents is a hot topic. In a country were a “posh” London proper accent is seen as more educated and sophisticated, employees in the United Kingdom attempt to change their thicker region accents to resemble those heard in the capital. When one reflects that same rhetoric in...
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Transgender Woman Files Lawsuit Against McDonald’s for Sexual Harassment

August 18, 2019 Legal Team
McDonald's is no stranger to lawsuits, and they are once again on the receiving end of one. A woman has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the fast-food mogul, and the complaint is for lack of a better word, disturbing.La'Ray Reed was hired in April 2015 as a crew member at a McDonald's franchise...
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Medicare and Tricare Fraud Results in $29 Million Settlement

August 15, 2019 Legal Team
Two whistleblowers will be reaping a big reward – a $29 million dollar reward to be exact. This is because a settlement has been reached in the case of United States v. Life Care Centers of America. The defendants will be paying a record-breaking $145 million dollar settlement for allegedly violating the False Claims Act...
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$4.7 Million for Workplace Sexual Harassment

August 12, 2019 Legal Team
Svetlana Lokhova is a British banker whose job matched something you would expect in a movie or television show. She kept insane hours, made a sizable income (approximately $1.1 million a year), and had to endure a misogynistic, harassing environment.Lokhova worked for the Russian bank, Sberbank CIB in London. From the outset, she had to...
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