Domino’s Franchise Wage and Hour Lawsuit Settles

September 29, 2016 Legal Team
The class-action lawsuit against a Georgia Domino's franchise has settled, awarding class members $995,000 collectively. The lawsuit was initially filed in 2015 and aimed to recover the unpaid wages due delivery drivers for the chain, who were not properly reimbursed for the use of their personal vehicles. Not being paid enough to cover vehicle expenses...
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Are You an Employee Taking Legal Action for the First Time?

September 22, 2016 Legal Team
So you are a victim of your employer and wish to take legal action. You have just fallen into the category of an employee taking legal action for the first time! This can be very overwhelming, scary and stressful. This blog has been written to give you some idea on what to expect when...
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Sexual Harassment Claims Land Shaun White in Hot Water!

September 7, 2016 Legal Team
Olympian, musician and entrepreneur Shaun White has found himself in hot water. Former bandmate Lena Zawaideh has filed a lawsuit against him, alleging sexual harassment as well as wage claims. She states he did not pay her for some of her work. The legal matter was initiated in May 2016 but was not filed...
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