IKEA Can Raise Its Minimum Wage, so Can We!

June 30, 2014 Legal Team
With more commentary on the federal minimum wage being raised, Ikea made a statement by raising the company's minimum wage for workers. Beginning in January 2015, Ikea will hike up its minimum wage rates throughout 38 retail locations, which will result in an increase for almost half the company's 13, 651 American employees.Ikea's acting...
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Genetic Information Cannot Be Grounds for Discrimination

June 9, 2014 Legal Team
When you usually read about employment discrimination, the suit alleges discrimination based on race, gender, pregnancy, religion, age, and sexual orientation. The lesser talked about, lesser-known protected category is not observable to the naked eye. Why do you ask? Because it's genetic. That's right; your genetic information is protected by both federal and state...
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More NBA Legal Drama Targets the Lakers

June 6, 2014 Legal Team
The Clippers aren't the only one who is seeing their share of legal drama. This time, the Lakers are named in the lawsuit for race and age discrimination.Fernando Gonzalez is suing both the Lakers and Time Warner Cable in Los Angeles Superior Court for shorting him on wages, opportunities, goods, and experience.Gonzalez, who was...
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Snoop D-O-Double G Making It Rain

June 5, 2014 Legal Team
Three of Snoop Dogg's former bodyguards have filed a lawsuit against the rapper for wages. The suit seeks $3 million and alleges that the guards were overworked and underpaid.The plaintiffs—Torrey Mitchell, Donnel Murray, and Ryan Turk—sued the entities associated with the rapper and his companies alleging that in addition to their usual security duties,...
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All Alone at Tiffany & Co.

June 4, 2014 Legal Team
It's a familiar scene: Moon River crooning in the background as bejeweled and regal Holly Golightly slowly crosses in front of the Tiffany's display windows, a pastry and coffee in hand. Throughout the movie, Audrey Hepburn's Holly Golightly frequently visits the famous jewelry mogul.During these scenes in the store, however, one may notice the...
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