California Seasonal Employment Laws

January 23, 2023 Legal Team
State labor laws protect all workers in California, including those that only work seasonally. What are Seasonal Employees? Seasonal employees are typically hired in positions for a short period to help with increased work demands that arise during different times in the year and in different industries—for example, retail (e.g., holiday season), tourism (e.g.,...
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California Moonlighting Law

January 16, 2023 Legal Team
Moonlighting refers to an employee who works a second job on the side, usually after hours. California law generally protects the rights of workers to moonlight. Under California Labor Code section 96, employers are essentially prohibited from punishing employees who engage in moonlighting in their free time. Exceptions to California’s Moonlighting Law There are...
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What is Pay Secrecy?

January 9, 2023 Legal Team
Pay secrecy is a type of workplace policy that prohibits employees from discussing their salaries. Whether informal or formal, these policies are illegal in California, as they are typically used as an effort by an employer to conceal wage discrimination. Is it Illegal to Discuss Wages? The following laws protect the right of workers...
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Penalty for Not Having Workers Compensation Insurance in California

January 2, 2023 Legal Team
California requires employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance to protect employees if they suffer work-related injuries. If an employer fails to carry workers’ comp, they subject themselves to severe penalties. Incarceration and Major Fines A business with at least one part-time or full-time employee that fails to purchase workers’ compensation insurance is in violation...
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