How (Not) to Celebrate Halloween at Work

October 31, 2014 Legal Team
Happy Halloween everyone! The ghosts and ghouls are out to play but don't fear, it's also Friday! At the end of the workday, employees can frolic the spooky night away, but during the day today, it may be wise to keep your typical Halloween tendencies like a mummy…under wraps.Here are some workplace tips to...
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The Latest Development from Apple Isn’t About Technology

October 30, 2014 Legal Team
Tim Cook, Chief Executive Officer of Apple, is a native of Alabama who attended Auburn University. This week, Cook returned to his home state and made a speech that called for higher tolerance and equal rights for all regardless of sexual orientation or identity. He made allusions to Martin Luther King, showing that Alabama...
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Here in the OC, How Much Do These Job Really Make?

October 29, 2014 Legal Team
Orange County, often associated with the glitzy Spanish style mansions made famous by the drama series, “The OC” often sees a large disparity between the well off and the struggling. As per the Orange County Register, the median hourly earnings (meaning half make more and half make less) is about $18.69 an hour, or...
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If You Want to Report by Telegraph, Do It Before January 1st

October 23, 2014 Legal Team
Though email has been an effective and accepted form of communication for the last few decades, the Department of Occupational Safety and Health Standards did not accept reports of injury, illness, or death via email…until now.Signed by Governor Jerry Brown last month, AB 326 will amend Section 142.5 of the Labor Code to allow...
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New York Mets Are Pitched a Discrimination Lawsuit

October 18, 2014 Legal Team
Leigh Castergine's resume is filled with prominent sports teams including the Boston Bruins and the Orlando Magic. Castergine joined the New York Mets in 2010 and was awarded a raise two years later, then promoted only a year after that. It may not seem unusual for a sports team's senior vice president of ticket...
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