The United States of America Home of the Free, Brave, and Overworked

May 27, 2014 Legal Team
According to the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, specifically Articles 23 and 24, all members of society has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to join trade unions, and the right to rest and leisure, “including reasonable limitation of working hours and periodic holidays with pay.” Hate to break it...
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Shopkeeper’s Defense Though Lawful, Violates Company Policy

May 21, 2014 Legal Team
It is a story heard more often than not. Last year, Shannon “Bear” Cochron was robbed at knifepoint while on duty at a New Hampshire gas station. Well, it's more accurate to say that the robber was attempted to rob Cochron at knifepoint.When the heavily masked would-be robber approached, Cochrane quickly produced his Ruger...
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Santa Ana City Councilman Charged with Sexual Assault

May 20, 2014 Legal Team
Criminal charges have been filed against former Santa Ana city councilman, Carlos Bustamante. The victim, who is only identified as “Jane Doe A,” alleged that Bustamante assaulted behind closed doors in the county office when she was his secretary. Bustamante was arrested and charged in July 2012.Before and after the incident, Bustamante continuously harassed...
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Beauty Doesn’t Come Cheap

May 19, 2014 Legal Team
In order to become a licensed cosmetologist, a student must undergo hours of training and pass a state-certified board exam. At the Aveda Institute of Los Angeles, students allegedly were not compensated during their training hours, though the school functioned as a salon for certain hours during the week and the students as stylists.Aveda...
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Top 10 Legal Lessons from the Movies

May 16, 2014 Legal Team
10 Real-Life Lessons on the Law as Taught by Movies10) “Erin Brockovich”: Released in 2000, Julia Roberts plays the titular role. Berkovitch serves as a law clerk to a personal injury attorney, who, after some initial investigation, spurs one of the largest class actions in history. The lessons we can learn from this movie?...
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