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Orange County Class Action Lawyer

A class action lawsuit may be the solution to mistreatment at your workplace. Our dedicated class action attorneys in Orange County have been involved in many cases like this and can provide the knowledgeable guidance you need.

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We Have the Experience You Need

If you are being mistreated at work, chances are that you are not alone. In big businesses where the executives have a team of lawyers working to protect their interests, employees often feel powerless to stick up for themselves. Likewise, people in smaller settings often feel anxious about taking legal action against their employer by themselves.

Workers are stronger when they work together. It is your efforts that keep the business running, and when everyone raises their voices together, the people at the top have no choice but to listen.

How Class Action Lawsuits Work

In a class action lawsuit, you are one of several plaintiffs who are filing a claim for the same reason. An Orange County class action attorney or team of attorneys will serve as the representative for all plaintiffs. In this scenario, your lawyer will serve the interest of your group rather than you as an individual.

If the case is successful and compensation is awarded, it will usually be distributed equally among all plaintiffs. The main benefit of a class action lawsuit is to hold the defending party accountable for wrongdoing and force them to make changes that will benefit those who have been affected.

Our Orange County Class Action Lawyers are Ready to Fight for You

Class action lawsuits are often more complex than the typical lawsuit. It’s important to hire an attorney who understands how these cases work and has experience representing multiple plaintiffs at once. At Aegis Law Firm, our class action lawyers in Orange County provide representation for both employees and consumers who have had their rights violated.

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