Forever 21 Sued by Transgender Employee

May 21, 2015 Legal Team
Alexia Daskalakis began working for a Forever 21 store in New York in 2011 as a sales associate…and a man. Three years into Alexia's tenure, she began her physical transition from male to female, and thus the harassment and discrimination began.Though she had identified as female previously, in January 2014, Alexia began presenting herself...
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REI Goes into the Woods

May 19, 2015 Legal Team
Recreational Equipment Inc. (more commonly known by its woodsy acronym REI), is being sued by two former employees on behalf of a class of similarly situated past and present employees. “Alison M.” and “Justin Q.” filed the class suit, alleging violations of overtime laws in the state of California.Employees who worked from November 21,...
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Pennsylvania Attorney General Ignored Sexual Harassment Complaints

May 14, 2015 Legal Team
Kathleen G. Kane, Attorney General to the state of Pennsylvania, is being accused of ignoring sexual harassment complaints from within her own department. Ms. Kane allegedly ignored several recommendations to fire her Chief of Staff, Jonathan Duecker, whom she had recently appointed to the position.The Office of Professional Responsibility submitted a report to Ms. Kane,...
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Violent Jobs: Police Officers, Boxers…Healthcare Workers?

May 4, 2015 Legal Team
In 2009, an emergency room nurse at the Ventura County Medical Center encountered a violent and frightening patient who was only subdued after an equally violent counter. Around 2 am, a man entered the ER, brandishing a pair of scissors as a weapon. He was naked and drunk, covered in blood. He confronted and laughed...
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