A Picture with Snoop Dogg Gets You Dropped like It’s Hot

April 30, 2015 Legal Team
Texas State Trooper, Billy Spears, was working an off-duty security job last year at the Austin Music Festival. During one of the shows, Snoop Dogg (birth name Calvin Broaddus) posed for a photo with Spears, the rapper's arm slung over guard's shoulder. Snoop posted the photo online with the caption, “Me n my deputy dogg.”Spears'...
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City of San Francisco Getting a Hefty Bill

April 29, 2015 Legal Team
Kelly O' Haire joined the San Francisco Police Department in 2006 as an attorney. She had previously served for ten years as a deputy district attorney in Marin County. At the time of her hire with the SFPD, the department was headed by Police Chief Heather Fong.In 2009, a deputy police chief, Greg Suhr...
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It’s the Circle of Wrongful Termination

April 28, 2015 Legal Team
The Disney Corporation is famous for its lavish, daily productions that happen in their parks around the world. Their animatronics are impressively advanced, their floats are decked out in color and sparkle, and their “cast members” are dressed incredibly detailed costumes. What happens to those who try to disrupt Disney's mechanized and methodical shows?At Walt...
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Robbed at Gunpoint, Pregnant, and Not Getting Paid Properly

April 24, 2015 Legal Team
A manager of a Houston Popeye's was terminated by the franchise owner for getting robbed at gunpoint. The manager, Marissa Holcomb, was working her shift when a masked gunman jumped the counter, forcefully knocked another employee to the ground, and held Holcomb at gunpoint, demanding money.Holcomb handed over $400 cash. The gunman promptly fled after...
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It’s Rough-in the Outback

April 23, 2015 Legal Team
Two former employees of Bloomin' Brands (dba Outback Steak House) are representatives in a class-action lawsuit against the food company. Based in Nevada, the suit alleges a variety of wage and hour violations.Outback allegedly had a policy of “Outback Time” where employees were required to report at work 10 to 15 minutes early but...
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