The Pitfalls of Using Social Media to Hire—or Not Hire—Prospective Employees

September 30, 2014 Legal Team
Carol Miaskoff of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (the “EEOC”) recently spoke on a panel at a Federal Trade Commission Workshop regarding the use of social media to screen employment candidates.Miaskoff warned employers to be cognizant of using social media because the company can uncover a variety of information that alludes to the applicants'...
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Verizon Wireless and Directv Named in Mass Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

September 25, 2014 Legal Team
VXI Global Solutions is a call center provider for various companies, including Verizon and DirecTV. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (the EEOC) filed a complaint against the call center this week for creating a hostile work environment and subjecting employees to unwanted sexual advances.Beginning in 2009, various supervisors, including a male floor manager and...
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Virgin Airways Owner, Sir Richard Branson: Best Boss Ever

September 24, 2014 Legal Team
Everything Sir Richard Branson touches turns to gold. It all started with his more than the successful launch of Virgin Records (pioneered by the signing of the Sex Pistols in the 1970s). He expanded his market to the aviation industry, introducing Virgin Airways, in the 1980s. His latest venture has been expanding the airline's...
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The Most Highly Pursued Claims in Employment Law

September 23, 2014 Legal Team
In California especially, employment and labor law seeks to protect employees and preserve their rights. Because of the state's added protections, California is commonly considered the most litigious state in the country. So what labor claims are the most litigated by employees?-Discrimination: Thanks to the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), California has codified...
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Behind the Kitchen Doors at PF Chang’s

September 22, 2014 Legal Team
Two female kitchen workers have prevailed on sexual harassment lawsuits against the high scale, Asian dining bistro. Because of PF Chang's poor treatment of these allegations, they are now on the book for a combined $931, 200.The story begins with Plaintiff Liliana Avila at the La Jolla location, who, at the time, was 20...
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