Contractor Class Actions on the Rise

March 27, 2019 Legal Team
As the saying goes, when it rains, it pours. Workers across the country may be thinking something along those lines given the recent wave of high-profile class action settlements for employees misclassified as independent contractors.Uber DriversUber agreed to pay a hefty sum of up to $100 million in a proposed class action settlement to...
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Sexual Harassment Bait & Switch, the Cat’s Paw Theory

March 18, 2019 Legal Team
The Cat's Paw Theory. A phrase which might seem like a whimsical anecdote. But it's not so whimsical when you are being sued on the basis of it. Empress Ambulance found out the actual meaning behind this phrase after being sued by a former employee. The plaintiff had been fired after the employers were persuaded...
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Less Obvious Signs of Sexual Harassment

March 13, 2019 Legal Team
Although it may seem counter-intuitive, it is not always obvious that sexual harassment is occurring. When sexual harassment in any form occurs it disrupts the workplace, is costly in terms of morale/productivity, and leaves emotional (or sometimes physical) scars that can ruin careers. For employees, it is extremely important to recognize when sexual harassment is...
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“Can My Boss Fire Me Because I’m Pregnant?” and Other Pregnancy Discrimination Concerns

March 5, 2019 Legal Team
Kiyoko Rubio was assigned to the Hyatt House Hotel. She worked as a room attendant without incident until June of that year, when she was told she was being promoted to a supervisory role. Rubio states that “moments later”, she notified her supervisors that were present at the meeting that she was pregnant. Only six...
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