How Misclassification Can Impact Independent Contractors

March 21, 2024 Legal Team
In the gig economy era, the distinction between employees and independent contractors has become increasingly blurred, leading to a rise in misclassification cases. While independent contractors enjoy flexibility and autonomy, misclassification can have profound legal, financial, and societal implications.  What is Misclassification? Misclassification occurs when workers are wrongly classified as independent contractors rather than...
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Can you Sue Your Employer for Lunch Break Violations?

March 14, 2024 Legal Team
California law mandates that employees be provided with meal breaks depending on the duration of their shift. Failure to adhere to these regulations can result in your right to sue. Understanding California Lunch Break Laws Under California labor laws, non-exempt employees are entitled to a 30-minute uninterrupted meal break if they work more than...
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California’s Accommodations for Employees with Cancer

March 7, 2024 Legal Team
A cancer diagnosis can significantly impact various aspects of life, including one's ability to work. In California, employees facing cancer have legal rights and protections under state and federal laws. These laws require employers to provide reasonable accommodations to employees with cancer to ensure equal opportunities in the workplace.  Understanding Reasonable Accommodations Reasonable accommodations...
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