Subway Created Fake Employees to Avoid Paying Overtime Rates

August 28, 2014 Legal Team
A subway franchise in Washington DC is being sued by a former sandwich maker for shorting employees' overtime.Erwin Zambrano Moya filed a lawsuit against the franchise alleging the company's owner created fictitious employees for every real employee that worked there. When employees would work over 40 hours a week, the real employee who receives...
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Apologizing for Harassment with More Harassment

August 27, 2014 Legal Team
Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Pavel Curda, an investor and advisor for start-up companies, was attending industry events in Berlin this past July. Throughout these meetings, Curda meets women from throughout the industry as well. As a testament to Einstein's theory, Curda sent...
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Paid out for Retirement

August 25, 2014 Legal Team
McLean v. State of California (2014), Cal.App.4th, No. C074515, decided on August 19, 2014, that a class action could proceed for waiting time penalties under Labor Code section 203 for the employer's failure to pay retirees their final wages at the time they retired.  Pursuant to Labor Code section 202, employers have to pay...
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Quarrelling Lovers’ Unstable Behavior Not Enough to Warrant Employer’s Demand for Medical Examination

August 22, 2014 Legal Team
White Lake Ambulance Authority, in fair Michigan, where we lay our scene. The tiffs between two Emergency Medical Technicians, one married, and one not stirred up action in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.Emily Kroll was apparently infatuated with her coworker Joshua Easton, who was married. The pair frequently quarreled in person, via e-mail,...
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When Ignoring Sexual Harassment Turns Deadly

August 18, 2014 Legal Team
Alisha Bromfield worked as a flower arranger for Grand Flower Growers. Often, she was assigned to make arrangements at a local Home Depot store in Cook County, Illinois. Bromfield, 21, was sexually harassed by her supervisor, Bryan Cooper, but no matter how many times she reported it to both Grand Flower Growers and Home...
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