Commissioned Employees and California’s Overtime Laws

February 28, 2019 Legal Team
In California, an employer is required to pay its employees overtime if the employee works in excess of eight hours a day or more than forty (40) hours a week. Overtime is compensated at the rate of no less than one and one-half times (1 ½) the regular rate of pay for an employee. However, there are...
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Written Disciplinary Notices: If I Don’t Sign Will I Be Fired?

February 27, 2019 Legal Team
The Court of Appeal in Paratransit v. UIAB, tackled a common wrongfully terminated question for employees, can my employer fire me for not signing a written disciplinary notice? According to the Court in the Paratransit case, the answer could be yes.Craig Medeiros, the employee who was fired, was a union member. His negotiated union contract required his employer to...
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When Should I Contact a Sexual Harassment Attorney?

February 23, 2019 Legal Team
It is not easy to determine when a situation at work warrants speaking with a sexual harassment attorney. Our country is in the midst of turbulent change, particularly regarding social matters. Issues such as racial and gender equality lead the forefront, calling upon those in power (and well, all of us really) to take...
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Sexual Harassment in Corporate America, Not Just TV Drama

February 22, 2019 Legal Team
The 1960s probably come to mind when you think of men making aggressive (perhaps appalling) advances towards female co-workers. But the reality is, that the “Mad Men” stereotype is not too far from the corporate world today. Even the 2016 election cycle seemed to bring some of this issue to light – i.e. grab them...
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Oh No, My Paycheck Bounced! Now What?

February 20, 2019 Legal Team
You hope it never happens to you: you get your paycheck from your employer, deposit it, and it bounces! What do you do?California law has a couple of different solutions to this problem. The California Labor Code says that if you deposit your paycheck and it bounces, your wages continue as a penalty until your employer...
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