Companies Burn out Employees See Disastrous Consequences

June 29, 2015 Legal Team
Goldman Sachs runs an annual summer internship program that spans across company lines to Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Barclays Bank. This year, the companies took an impressive 2,900 summer interns. The internship, which is infamous for being tough and unsympathetic, had to take a close look at itself after one intern, a...
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Sexually Harassed Female Farm Workers Resolve Suits

June 25, 2015 Legal Team
The Fresno office of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has reached an agreement with agricultural giant Zoria Farms regarding four sexual harassment lawsuits filed through the commission. Collectively, Zoria Farms will pay $333,000 to the four plaintiffs who alleged they were sexually harassed by two supervisors.According to the suit, these two supervisors approached the...
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A Whole New Meaning to Swabbing the Poop Deck Genetic Non-Discrimination Act Violation

June 24, 2015 Legal Team
Georgia storage company, Atlas Logistics Group asked employees to swab—then got sued. An employee (or possibly employees) for the company began “habitually defecating” in their Atlanta warehouse. Atlas attempted to figure out who it was, but eventually got slapped with a hefty price tag for their methods.Atlas had some employees undergo a cheek swap...
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Uber Drivers: Employees or Not?

June 17, 2015 Legal Team
It has been a long war between drivers and the app-based company Uber. Here and there, one side or the other gets a victory but more and more battling continues to make the fight confusing and convoluted. Turns out, in a very quiet judgment, the drivers may have had a victory. Like always, however,...
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Specifying California Leaves and Kin Care

June 16, 2015 Legal Team
The California State Legislature is looking to amend various labor laws associated with employee leave rights. Several bills seek to expand rights afforded to employees and to widen the net of employers it effects.As the law stands currently, an employer who directly employs 50 or more persons within a 75-mile radius may not discriminate...
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