Tofu House Serving up Meaty Settlements

February 27, 2015 Legal Team
The Korean restaurant chain, Kaju Tofu & BBQ (also often known as Gaju), has reached a settlement in a nearly three-year-old case. Former employees and plaintiffs, Yu Fen Jin and Ming Shu Jin sued the tofu/BBQ brand in July 2012 for various wage and hour claims.Plaintiffs alleged that, as servers at the restaurant, they...
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The Saga Against the Hijab Continues—Abercrombie and Fitch’s Look Policy’s Shortcomings

February 26, 2015 Legal Team
In 2008, a 17-year-old Samantha Elauf interviewed for a sales associate position (or “models” as the company calls them) for Abercrombie & Fitch (“A&F”). Her friend worked at the same store, so Elauf was able to get interview tips and fashion advice for the interview. She was compliant with their “look policy”—a specific guideline...
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Seasons 52 Restaurant Did Not Want Seasoned Employees

February 20, 2015 Legal Team
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has sued Seasons 52, a restaurant chain that is part of the Darden Restaurant Group (also the owners of Olive Garden and Red Lobster) for age discrimination.A class of plaintiffs alleges that the chain refused to hire prospective employees over the age of 40 during the new restaurant opens....
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Burger King Is Grilling up a Lawsuit

February 19, 2015 Legal Team
Burger Kings in Florida are seeing stormy weather ahead. A new lawsuit that originated in Florida and is now in federal court, alleges that the Burger King Corporation misclassified operations coaching managers and managerial trainees as exempt employees in order to save the national fast-food chain money. However, by putting these employees on an...
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All the Days of Our West Hollywood Lives

February 18, 2015 Legal Team
This is a tale of soap-operatic proportions. Let's meet the characters of this story, in fair West Hollywood where we set our scene.First, there is Ian Owens, a deputy to a city councilman of West Hollywood. He is accused of bugging a co-worker's office to prove her of wrongdoing.Enter the co-worker, Fran Soloman, who...
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