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Established in 2003, Aegis Law Firm has spent the past decade exclusively helping California employees recover money from their employers. Success in employment cases requires skilled representation by the best lawyers. Do not trust your case to a lawyer who does not specialize in employment law.

If you have been wrongfully terminated, sexually harassed, discriminated against, or not paid all your wages, you should contact our experienced and dedicated Los Angeles, Orange County, and Riverside employment lawyers for immediate help. Call 949-379-6250 for a free case evaluation.

Recent Results

$8,500,000 obtained against a National Clothing Retailer

$5,500,000 obtained against a Restaurant Chain

$3,200,000 obtained against a Property Management Company

$2,200,000 obtained against an Office Supply Company

$2,000,000 obtained against a California Bank

$1,000,000 obtained against an Auto Service Company


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