Exxon Mobile’s Discriminatory Hiring Policies

July 3, 2013 Legal Team
Two nearly identical resumes were recently submitted to Exxon Mobile's HR hub located in the state of Texas to “test” the companies purportedly non-discriminatory hiring policies.  The gay rights group known as Freedom to Work submitted these two fictional resumes, with only slight differences between the two: one applicant's resume demonstrated that she was...
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If You’re Not Salaried, You’re Not Exempt

July 1, 2013 Legal Team
Although most of the focus in determining whether an employee is exempt from the requirements of overtime and meal and rest periods is usually focused on the duties the employee performs, California's Sixth Appellate District recently reminded us that there is another, equally important factor to consider.  To be “exempt,” an employee must be...
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“Cultural Differences” Don’t Justify Racial Discrimination

June 30, 2013 Legal Team
Paula Deen, long-time cooking show host and author of numerous cookbooks, recently learned that the Food Network can't stand the heat and is kicking her out of the kitchen for racial discrimination. Deen is famous for her deeply Southern, often sweet and fatty comfort foods.  Deen's Southern roots have landed her in the fryer this time, as...
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Victory for California Employees

June 27, 2013 Legal Team
Lately, it seems like courts have all been jumping on the arbitration bandwagon, sending ever-increasing number of employee lawsuits to arbitration.  Courts have allowed employers to force all of their employees to arbitrate any claims against the employers and even allowed employers to use arbitration agreements to prevent their employees from filing class action...
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Employee’s Appeal Reversed on Sexual Harassment Claim

June 26, 2013 Legal Team
In Westerndorf v. West Coast Contractors of Nevada, Inc. the Ninth Circuit recently reversed the lower Court's summary adjudication of a Plaintiff's claim for retaliation on the basis of sex despite the fact that it affirmed summary adjudication on the sexual harassment itself.Plaintiff Jennifer Westendorf filed suit against her former employer West Coast Contractor for, among other things,...
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