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IKEA Can Raise Its Minimum Wage, so Can We!

June 30, 2014 Legal Team

With more commentary on the federal minimum wage being raised, Ikea made a statement by raising the company’s minimum wage for workers. Beginning in January 2015, Ikea will hike up its minimum wage rates throughout 38 retail locations, which will result in an increase for almost half the company’s 13, 651 American employees.

Ikea’s acting U.S. President, Rob Olson stated, “the happier the co-worker, the happier the customer and the better the overall shopping experience.” The company will utilize the MIT Living Wage Calculator to determine which stores, based on socio-economic factors around them, will receive a boost in the hourly wage.

Ikea’s goal in raising the company’s wage is to produce a pool of “higher-caliber job applicants, less employee turnover and improved customer service delivered by longtime, loyal workers.”