“Hey Lacy T. and Sarah G. You Can’t Sue Us!”—the Raiders Respond to Lawsuit

March 19, 2014 Legal Team
We previously blogged about the Oakland Raiderettes, the famous football team's cheerleaders, attempting to file a class-action lawsuit against the team for a slew of claims. You can read that blog here.Well now, the Raiders have something to say about it. The Raiders' attorneys are now pointing to the initial employment contract the Raiderettes sign...
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Mcdonald’s: Not-So-Lovin’-It

March 18, 2014 Legal Team
It looks like McDonalds' employees are less than happy with the famous golden arches. They are facing lawsuits in three states, all seeking class-action status. The complaints were filed in New York, Michigan, and California. New York has one complaint filed, while Michigan has two and three respectively.Depending on the state, the claims alleged...
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Overtime Violations: More Common Than You Think!

March 14, 2014 Legal Team
Overtime violations are more common than you think. Every year, thousands of overtime payment violations are reported to government agencies – and that doesn't count all the cases that aren't reported. In the last year, the federal Wage and Hour Division by itself has cited more than 7,300 wage violations. In 2012 and 2011, there were more than...
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What Not to Do in a Deposition – Lessons by Bieber

March 13, 2014 Legal Team
In lawsuits, the people involved often have to answer questions by having their deposition taken. A deposition is a chance for the other party's lawyer to ask questions that the law requires to be answered truthfully. Because the deposition and the answers given at the deposition are very important in a case, the person...
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Los Angeles Councilman Accused of Sexual Harassment

March 11, 2014 Legal Team
San Diego isn't the only city that needs to “keep it classy” in the words of Anchorman, Ron Burgundy. The city of Los Angeles is facing accusations of sexual harassment, namely toward Councilman Jose Huizar.A judge set a November 10th trial date for the case that was filed by a former aide, Francine Godoy. Godoy,...
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