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How (Not) to Celebrate Halloween at Work

October 31, 2014 Legal Team

Happy Halloween everyone! The ghosts and ghouls are out to play but don’t fear, it’s also Friday! At the end of the workday, employees can frolic the spooky night away, but during the day today, it may be wise to keep your typical Halloween tendencies like a mummy…under wraps.

Here are some workplace tips to ensure that your day time celebration of Halloween in the office doesn’t become a Halloween horror movie.

Remember, not all workplaces are Hallow-weekend friendly, so don’t run away from work early to get ready for the festivities tonight. If you have kids and are heading home to get to trick-or-treating, make sure your employer knows so they don’t think a vampire snatched you!

If you’re new to the block, make sure you know and understand what the office’s protocol is on Halloween costumes and decorations. Don’t let yourself be that one person who shows up in cat’s ears and everyone’s still in their regular black power suits. If you haven’t made a year cycle yet and seen Halloween done, then don’t tempt fate.

However, if your office is Halloween friendly, remember it is not too provocative, nothing that makes fun of or makes a comment on an ethnic group, or picks on a particular politician or political group. Maybe leave the face paint and mask at home—anything that hinders your ability to talk to clients or conduct your daily tasks should probably be left for the party after the workday.

Lastly, be wary of those who “don’t do Halloween.” Some people do not celebrate Halloween, such as particular religious groups. That person may have a legitimate reason for not dressing up, not just that they didn’t feel like it. Be respective of that decision or practice, namely so you aren’t accused of religious discrimination in the future.

But most of all, enjoy your all Hallows Eve!