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Sunset on a pier in Orange County

Here in the OC, How Much Do These Job Really Make?

October 29, 2014 Legal Team

Orange County, often associated with the glitzy Spanish style mansions made famous by the drama series, “The OC” often sees a large disparity between the well off and the struggling. As per the Orange County Register, the median hourly earnings (meaning half make more and half make less) is about $18.69 an hour, or $38,880 per year.

The OC still beats out the national average; the median earner in the US makes about $16.87 per hour or $35,920 per year. Regardless of the median income being over the national line, the gap between multi-millionaires and low-wage hourly employees remains tremendous, especially in Orange County.

The Orange County Register compiled a list of some diverse occupations and what they pay on average. Who were the highest earners?

Bill Gross, the former Chief Investment Officer at PIMCO and now with Janus Capital Group, made an estimated $200 million in 2011. Lagging far behind in the second place position is Robert Iger, CEO of the Walt Disney Company, cashing in at $34.3 million a year. A large leap behind in third place is David Pyott, the Chief Executive Officer of Allergan, the creators of Botox.

Ringing in at the end of the list are various minimum wage to just above minimum wage earners. A carwash worker in Huntington Beach and a taco restaurant kitchen worker both make $9 per hour. An entry-level Starbucks barista in Costa Mesa said he or she makes $9.05 per hour. Then a Tustin grocery bagger at Ralphs makes $9.30 per hour.

Some surprises on the list? An In-n-Out Restaurant manager makes an average of $120,000 per year. A dog walker in Orange divulged that they also make approximately $120,000 per year. This is only $4,000 a year shy of professional surfer Kolohe Andino in San Clemente at $124,000.

Source: OC Register