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Verizon Wireless and Directv Named in Mass Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

September 25, 2014 Legal Team

VXI Global Solutions is a call center provider for various companies, including Verizon and DirecTV. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (the EEOC) filed a complaint against the call center this week for creating a hostile work environment and subjecting employees to unwanted sexual advances.

Beginning in 2009, various supervisors, including a male floor manager and a female assistant supervisor, subjected both male and female employees to pervasive sexual harassment. The former would approach female employees and proposition them for sex. He would grope and touch the female employees without provocation and make sexual explicit remarks.

The female assistant supervisor “made repeated advances toward male staff with foul descriptions of proposed sexual activity, unwanted lap dances, and physical rubbing.” The supervisor would call male staff who rebuffed the behavior “gay.” Some who complained were retaliated against and fired.

The EEOC is seeking punitive damages for the plaintiffs as well as back pay to prevent further harassment and retaliation.

Source: LA Times