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Beverly Hills 90210…Is Getting Sued

July 21, 2014 Legal Team

The principal of the famed high school has filed a federal lawsuit against the school district this week alleging racial discrimination and retaliation. Carter Paysinger, principal of the school since 2010, accused Beverly Hills High School and the school district of harassment and denying job opportunities to himself and his family.

Paysinger claims that the school district purposely leaked information to the social media and media outlets that made his term as principal look corrupt. This was, according to Paysinger, a blatant attack against him, an African American individual. The school district was trying to “destroy Paysinger’s career and reputation.”

Additionally, Paysinger alleges that a wage gap existing between himself and other white administrators. Paysinger’s family members were also demoted within the school and district during his tenure.

Paysinger has a history of conflict with Beverly Hills High School, including an incident from last year where the principal was found running a for-profit summer camp on the Beverly Hills campus. As a result, Paysinger may have failed to report more than $40,000 in hearings. The school board deemed the project a violation of ethics and conflicts of interest.

Paysinger has since been cleared of any charges by the district attorney’s office.