Millennials Don’t Want to Believe Women Are Still Making Less

July 17, 2014 Legal Team
Last month, Forbes magazine highlighted the ever-existing wage gap as revealed through a Wells Fargo survey. Forbes, however, specifically narrows their focus and plainly addresses millennial females for their untouchable attitude towards the wage gap.The gender wage debate has been going strong for over 40 years. Since it originated in a time far removed...
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Female Yahoo Executive Sued for Sexual Harassment…by Another Woman

July 14, 2014 Legal Team
Maria Zhang, a senior director of engineering, is named in a lawsuit against the internet mogul company for sexual harassment filed by one of her subordinates, Nan Shi. Zhang was Shi's direct supervisor.In California, there are two categories of sexual harassment: quid pro quo and hostile work environment. In the former, the harasser is...
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California Supreme Court Votes in Favor of Undocumented Workers’ Rights

July 10, 2014 Legal Team
Vicente Salas was an employee of Sierra Chemical in California when, while on the job, he injured his back and subsequently filed a workers' compensation claim. Sierra Chemical, then, underwent an annual force reduction, a seasonal occurrence, and terminated Salas. Salas was not hired again when the season's hiring process began.Salas sued the company...
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More Groups Are Winning the $15 Minimum Wage

July 8, 2014 Legal Team
In Los Angeles County, there has been a wave of victories for various groups who have campaigned for a $15 minimum wage. Recently, the city of Los Angeles approved a $15/hr hour wage for the hospitality industry within the city, most prominently, in hotels. LAX workers' wages followed at the same rate. Now, the...
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Hey Walgreens, Was $1.39 Worth It?

July 7, 2014 Legal Team
Josefina Hernandez, an 18-year employee of Walgreens in San Francisco, has Type II Diabetes. During one of her shifts, Hernandez felt a hypoglycemic attack coming on and needed to stabilize her blood sugar immediately. That's when she reached for and ate a $1.39 bag of chips.When a company security officer asked her why she...
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