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Snoop D-O-Double G Making It Rain

June 5, 2014 Legal Team

Three of Snoop Dogg’s former bodyguards have filed a lawsuit against the rapper for wages. The suit seeks $3 million and alleges that the guards were overworked and underpaid.

The plaintiffs—Torrey Mitchell, Donnel Murray, and Ryan Turk—sued the entities associated with the rapper and his companies alleging that in addition to their usual security duties, they were tasked with transportation duties, red carpet affairs, and maintenance of his various apartments where he “entertained” women.

During tours, the security guards were expected to function off limited sleep, sometimes only three hours. Because there were not timekeeping records, it was not clear just how many the guards worked and thus should get paid for. While on tour, the guards got paid $300 a day despite the number of hours worked. If not on tour, then the guards were paid $25 per hour with an overtime rate of $37.50 per hour. Overtime came into effect in shifts over 12 hours long, though California labor law mandates that workers are eligible for overtime after the first 8 hours and double time after 12 hours.

Additionally, the bodyguards were never permitted to take breaks, no matter how long the shift.

In January 2014, the plaintiffs made formal complaints to all entities and asked that overtime be paid properly. They wanted to address the labor code violations at hand. Swiftly, the guards were terminated from their employment.