A National Analysis of Minimum Wage

May 15, 2014 Legal Team
Recently, President Obama's proposal to raise the national minimum wage to $10.10 per hour has sparked debates about what hiking up the minimum wage to a “livable” wage will do the nation's economy.Each state has its own ability to enact a minimum wage level, but the higher wage (whether it be the national $7.25...
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Whose Turn Is It? New York Jets, You’re Up!

May 14, 2014 Legal Team
Still, in the glow of Draft Day, the New York Jets were selected to be the next in line to be sued by its cheerleaders.Filed in New Jersey, lead plaintiff Krystal C. alleges similar wage claims as women of the Oakland Raiderettes (Raiders), Buffalo Jills (Buffalo Bills), and Cincinnati Ben-Gals (Bengals). The Jets Cheerleaders...
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A Discussion on Background Checks and La’s Push to Use Them

May 12, 2014 Legal Team
Los Angeles County is discussing a proposal that would require ice cream truck vendors and operators of other businesses that cater to unsupervised children. The city is currently exploring regulations that would require fingerprinting and running a criminal history report for those who run businesses that serve children.While the county already mandates background checks...
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Did You Know About Paid Voter Time?

May 9, 2014 Legal Team
Many people get stressed around elections because they worry that they will be stuck at work and unable to vote. Others worry that they will skip work to vote and lose income they need to stay financially afloat. To try to alleviate this real issue, California allows people to leave work to vote without...
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Title VII and Immunizations When Is It Religious Discrimination?

May 7, 2014 Legal Team
A case from 2012 in Indiana prompts the question of mandatory immunizations at work, and whether the refusal to receive an immunization shot is protected as a part of religious identity.At Indiana University Health's Gosehn Hospital, the hospital informed its staff in September 2012 that all staff members had to receive a flu vaccination....
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