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Beauty Doesn’t Come Cheap

May 19, 2014 Legal Team

In order to become a licensed cosmetologist, a student must undergo hours of training and pass a state-certified board exam. At the Aveda Institute of Los Angeles, students allegedly were not compensated during their training hours, though the school functioned as a salon for certain hours during the week and the students as stylists.

Aveda Corporation is owned by make-up, mega moguls Estee Lauder Inc. Plaintiff Jazlyn Jennings alleges that the company used the students at Aveda for free labor during the school’s salon hours. They provided haircuts, makeovers, manicures, and other salon services without compensation.

According to the suit, Aveda’s students operated under the direction that they were paying tuition for training hours that need not be compensated. Rather than being treated like apprentices, however, the students operated as full-fledged employees. They would provide full treatments instead of just assisting. Additionally, only four supervisors were on the floor at once which is a violation of California state regulations.

Jennings seeks to recover back wages for overtime pay, meal and rest break premiums, not providing accurate wage statements, and engaging in unfair business practices.

The lawsuit is filed as Jazlyn Jennings v. Estee Lauder, et al., Case No. BC543276 in LA Superior Court, Central District.