An Employer Said Something Racist: Can I Sue?

June 9, 2020 Legal Team
When you start a job, you expect to be treated with a certain level of dignity, respect, and equality in the workplace. Sadly, racial discrimination is an ugly reality for many workers in California. If you are in this situation, what are your legal rights moving forward?Defining Race Discrimination in the WorkplaceRacism within the...
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Microaggressions & the Workplace

May 15, 2020 Legal Team
Whether you like or dislike your job, you should never feel as though you are being treated unfairly at work. While schools and colleges have policies and complaint procedures for harassment and discrimination, these are known as microaggressions in the workplace.A microaggression is generally considered any verbal or nonverbal behavior that intentionally or unintentionally...
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California Is an At-Will Employment State. What Does This Mean for Me?

March 16, 2020 Legal Team
Is California an At-Will State?California is an “at-will” state. This means that employers are not required to justify their decision for terminating an employee and may do so with notice. Employees are also free to leave their place of employment at any time. As stated in California’s legal code, “An employment, having no specified...
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Can I Get My Job Back After Wrongful Termination?

February 10, 2020 Legal Team
One may ask: why would anyone want a job back when the employer terminated the relationship illegally? Some people may want to return to their company for the love of the job, their co-workers, or even the company itself. One person doesn’t always dictate how you must feel about an occupation.If you really love...
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Employee Privacy Rights

November 7, 2019 Legal Team
Dating RelationshipsEmployers may establish policies that prohibit employees from participating in dating and sexual relationships that create a conflict of interest (e.g., between a supervisor and a subordinate), to reduce exposure to sexual harassment claims and to prevent harm to employee morale that may result from perceived favoritism. Notice to employees of this policy...
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