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REI Goes into the Woods

May 19, 2015 Legal Team

Recreational Equipment Inc. (more commonly known by its woodsy acronym REI), is being sued by two former employees on behalf of a class of similarly situated past and present employees. “Alison M.” and “Justin Q.” filed the class suit, alleging violations of overtime laws in the state of California.

Employees who worked from November 21, 2009, to October 31, 2014, in the state of California were eligible to join the suit. It alleges employees were not paid for work they did off the clock though the work was mandatory. The suit further alleges that employees were not reimbursed for business expenses or paid for any or all overtime hours worked.

A preliminary motion for a settlement has already been approved by a Magistrate judge. According to the settlement provisions, REI would be required to pay out $2.5 million for any wage and hour violations with another $1.73 to be paid out to those who were a part of the overtime lawsuit. Alison M. and Justin Q.