Multi-Million Dollar Payout for Unnamed Teen

April 22, 2015 Legal Team
A 17-year-old teenager and her guardians received a high paying victory for an employment case that was not only sexual harassment but also dubbed “sexual molestation.” The plaintiff, identified only as S.W. due to her age, sued employer U.S. Metro Group through her guardian.Plaintiff, who was 15 at the time of the incidents, began working...
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Actors Fighting for…a Lower Wage?

April 21, 2015 Legal Team
Los Angeles has always been a mecca for artists, actors, and singers who participate in sometimes under-funded productions. With a new minimum wage hike prospect, smaller Los Angeles Theater houses are worried about what effects are in store.Since 1989, smaller theaters that contain 99 seats or less have been allowed to operate outside of minimum...
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Major Awards in Los Angeles Discrimination Case

April 16, 2015 Legal Team
Luz Hessler worked in the Los Angeles County Department of Health until April 2012. Her story of disability discrimination, racial discrimination, and harassment began in September 2008 after she sustained a work-related injury.Hessler alleged that her manager slammed a door into her knee that resulted in necessary knee surgery. She further alleged that there...
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April 14th Is Equal Pay Day

April 14, 2015 Legal Team
Today is a symbolic day for those who continue to fight for equal pay. Women typically earn $.78 to a man's $1.00. April 14th marks the time of year when women catch up to men's salaries from the previous calendar year. Why is that? There are plenty of answers: hours worked, discrimination in the workplace, job choice, etc....
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Non-Exempt, High Wage Earners Might Be Saying Goodbye to Overtime

April 13, 2015 Legal Team
Another employment bill is working its way through the state legislature, but this time, it may not be so helpful to plaintiff litigation. Assembly Bill (AB) 1470 serves as an amendment to Labor Code by adding section 510.5 regarding overtime exemptions.Generally, if an employee is a high wage earner making six figures annually, it is...
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