The Wolf of Humphrey’s County

March 19, 2015 Legal Team
Leonardo DiCaprio's “Wolf of Wall Street” depicts powerful men in high places living a life of sex and drugs. It seems a Humphrey's County, Tennessee superintendent saw himself as one of DiCaprio's men. Jimmy Long is now being sued by a bookkeeper for the school district, Teresa Smith.Smith alleges in her suit that Long...
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Subtle Sex Discrimination

March 18, 2015 Legal Team
Although the “Mad Men” days of overt sex discrimination in the workplace are mostly past, women still experience a surprising amount of gender-based discrimination in many industries, from basic entry-level jobs up to high-powered Silicon Valley firms.Examples at a recent trial regarding sexual harassment and sex discrimination at a major venture capital firm show...
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Pregnancy and Leave

March 12, 2015 Legal Team
Vodafone, a British telecommunications company that operates all over the world, recently announced a new and generous maternity leave policy. Employees will be able to take off 16 weeks of maternity leave while still receiving their full regular pay. In the following six months, they can also work slightly reduced hours without a pay...
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He’s the $5 Million Man

March 10, 2015 Legal Team
As the weather gets warmer and we transition into spring/summer season, let's remember one of the most interesting cases of summer 2014.Robert “Bob” Sallustio and his wife Nancy Sallustio were in the middle of a terrible divorce. Both worked in the marketing department of Kemper Independence Insurance Co. in Sacramento, CA.In 2006, in the...
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Crunch Wrap Supremes’ Worth of Trouble—Taco Bell Sued

March 2, 2015 Legal Team
A Los Angeles based franchisee of Taco Bell is facing a chalupa-sized lawsuit from a former employee. Raymond Brantley, an African-American, is suing Cotti Foods Corp., the franchise owner, for racial discrimination.Brantley alleges that assistant manager, Juan Mondragon, repeatedly used racially offensive slurs in the restaurant that Brantley was employed. Mondragon would often type...
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