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Crunch Wrap Supremes’ Worth of Trouble—Taco Bell Sued

March 2, 2015 Legal Team

A Los Angeles based franchisee of Taco Bell is facing a chalupa-sized lawsuit from a former employee. Raymond Brantley, an African-American, is suing Cotti Foods Corp., the franchise owner, for racial discrimination.

Brantley alleges that assistant manager, Juan Mondragon, repeatedly used racially offensive slurs in the restaurant that Brantley was employed. Mondragon would often type offensive comments into the restaurant’s order system in lieu of orders or Brantley’s name. The comments could be seen by other employees on a screen where workers normally viewed and printed copies of the orders.

On many occasions, Brantley attempted to resolve the issues, asking Mondragon to stop. Brantley was not the only employee to be subject to racial discrimination. A string of African-American employees working for the franchise was terminated or transferred out of the location. Ultimately, Brantley transferred as well but was terminated not too long after arriving at the new facility.

Source: Daily Journal