Saks Fifth Avenue Defending Their “Right” to Fire a Transgender Employee

January 13, 2015 Legal Team
Saks Fifth Avenue, a luxury retailer, maybe in some controversial hot water for how its counsel has chosen to respond to a discrimination lawsuit. Leyth Jamal, a former employee of Saks in Texas, is transgender and identifies as a female. Jamal alleges she was harassed and discriminated against because of her transgender identity.According to...
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New Court Ruling Changes On-Call Employment Laws

January 9, 2015 Legal Team
A recently decided class action lawsuit against CPS Security Solutions, Inc. will change the landscape of wage and hour law in California. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of security guards at the company of 1,500 employees.Security guards for the company were required to have on-call shifts where they waited in an on-site, company...
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49ers Hitting a Bad Luck Streak

January 8, 2015 Legal Team
The Super Bowl hopefuls have suffered an off-field setback. Two former employees of the San Francisco 49ers filed suit against the team, alleging age discrimination. 2014 proved to be a litigious year for the NFL, and 2015 isn't letting up on lawsuits either.According to the initial complaint about the lawsuit, the plaintiffs allege the...
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Teen Retailer Struggling and so Are Its Employees

January 7, 2015 Legal Team
Wet Seal, a clothing retailer aimed at a teenage demographic, announced today that they would be closing 338 of its stores, which results in the layoff 3,695 full and part-time employees. That would leave only about 173 storefronts open. The company, based in Foothill Ranch, California, plans to keep its online business up as...
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Revlon Has an Unforgettable Lawsuit

January 5, 2015 Legal Team
Alan Meyers, a former scientific officer for Revlon Inc., is suing the company and its CEO, Lorenzo Delpani, for anti-Semitism. Meyers, who began working for the cosmetic giant in 2010, filed the lawsuit in Manhattan federal court.The issue began in 2013 when Revlon bought a Spanish beauty company, Colomer Group. Upon acquisition, Meyers voiced...
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