A Lawsuit for Lawsuit—a Sexual Harassment Case Turns into Insurance Battle

November 11, 2014 Legal Team
In 2012, Roxanna Sevilla, Maria Orozco, and Rosa Isela Gonzalez filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County alleging gender discrimination, sexual harassment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and false imprisonment against their employer, Jon Davler Inc.In the complaint, the plaintiffs allege that one day, supervisor Christine Yang found a used sanitary napkin and blood...
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Millennials in the Work Force

November 6, 2014 Legal Team
Who are the Millennials and what do they want? Most sources agree that the Millennial Generation spans the birth years from 1982 to 2004. Some break down those years further and analyze that that within the millennial generation, there is a sub generation called Generation Y, the older side of the millennials. Sometimes, these...
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You Have Been Deactivated-Uber’s Scifi Way of Terminating a Driver

November 5, 2014 Legal Team
Christopher Ortiz, from Albuquerque, drove for UberX throughout this past summer to make some extra income for his media start-up company. The beauty of Uber's much-contested independent contractor system is that Ortiz was able to take time off from driving to set up his company.Months later, Ortiz decided to pick driving for Uber up...
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Movember Is Coming—How No Shave November Impacts the Workplace

November 3, 2014 Legal Team
In 2003, two young men in Australia decided that the mustache was too rarely seen in public. In order to rectify that situation, they began a game to bring long lost “mo's” back. Soon, the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) joined the game, affiliating “Movember” with men's health awareness. Pretty soon, it became...
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