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Apologizing for Harassment with More Harassment

August 27, 2014 Legal Team

Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Pavel Curda, an investor and advisor for start-up companies, was attending industry events in Berlin this past July. Throughout these meetings, Curda meets women from throughout the industry as well. As a testament to Einstein’s theory, Curda sent the following text message/email to at least two women:

“Hey (insert first initial here), I will not leave Berlin without having sex with you. Deal?”

One of the women, Gesche Haas, a techie from New York, replied that the exchange was inappropriate and then began worrying that she did something to invite this kind of behavior. Another female attendee from the Berlin events took to Twitter and posted an image of a text Curda sent her in support of Haas. It was the same text as received by Haas.

Curda offered an apology; “I regret sending the messages while I was in Berlin in July…I apologize for them and I am ready to apologize again in person with a big bouquet of flowers.”

So he’s apologizing for sexual harassing these female start-up execs with…more sexual harassment. Einstein would be proud.

Source: JD Supra;