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What If Sexual Harassment Is from a Supervisor?

May 10, 2021 Legal Team

In sexual harassment cases, not all harassers are co-workers. Unfortunately, some situations can include a supervisor sexually harassing an employee. In these instances, some employees are unaware that they can report the supervisor, or they fear retaliation for doing so. It’s critical to realize your rights if your supervisor sexually harasses you.

You Can Report Your Supervisor

You shouldn’t feel that you can’t report your supervisor if they are the person who is guilty of sexual harassment. In fact, because they are your supervisor, it may be even more reason to report them. They are using their position of power to take advantage of a situation when they shouldn’t.

Supervisors can still be guilty of their actions, and you may still hold them responsible.

You Can Pursue Compensation

Reporting your supervisor for sexual harassment can give you the option to pursue compensation for their wrongdoing. Compensation can include lost income if you leave your job because of the harassment. You can also seek compensation for the emotional trauma you may experience.

You Have Protection from Retaliation

One fear you may have about reporting your supervisor for sexual harassment is retaliation. You may worry that if you report your employer, they will fire you, demote you, or create an unhealthy work environment. However, you have legal rights to protect yourself in the workplace.

If your employer or supervisor attempts to retaliate against you, it’s crucial to understand that you have protection under California law. You can file a lawsuit and pursue compensation for your damages.

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