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What Are the Different Forms of Sexual Harassment?

May 6, 2021 Legal Team

In the workplace, it’s crucial for all employees to feel safe. Unfortunately, one of the most significant issues in many workplaces is sexual harassment, and it occurs far too often. In many cases, workers may not even be aware that they’re the victims of sexual harassment because they are unsure how it can occur.

Forms of Sexual Harassment

You should not have to endure sexual harassment and you can take legal action against any person in your workplace who wrongs you. Below, we will explain the different forms of sexual harassment in the workplace so that you know what to expect throughout the process.

The forms of sexual harassment are:

  • Physical
  • Verbal
  • Using a position of power
  • Unwanted advances
  • Exposing oneself

If you have been the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, know that you can work with a member of our firm to pursue justice.

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What is Physical Sexual Harassment?

Physical sexual harassment often includes touching that makes an employee feel uncomfortable. For instance, touching can include rubbing a co-worker’s leg, shoulder, or hair. It can also include touching in an unwanted sexual manner on specific parts of the body.

Even something that may seem innocent, such as repetitive neck massages, can be sexual harassment. In any case, if someone touches your hair, face, skin, or clothing, you should report their actions immediately.

Examples of Verbal Sexual Harassment

Verbal sexual harassment can include many different things. For example, verbal sexual harassment can occur when someone around you tells an inappropriate joke that makes you feel uncomfortable. Even if they don’t direct the joke at you, you may still be able to report the people making the joke.

Verbal sexual harassment most often occurs when one co-worker talks to another inappropriately, speaking sexually.

Using a Position of Power

One troubling issue with sexual harassment is when people in positions of power try to take advantage of other employees. If a supervisor promises an employee a raise or promotion in return for sexual favors, this is sexual harassment.

In other situations, employers may threaten to fire an employee if they don’t provide sexual favors. You still have the right to report a supervisor or employer with the help of a lawyer.

Unwanted Advances

While some people may think it’s innocent to make advances to a co-worker continuously, these may be unwanted. A co-worker may make numerous unwanted advances, creating a difficult working situation. Report the co-worker, supervisor, or employer as quickly as possible.

Exposing Oneself

Sexual harassment does not have to include touching or verbal advances. A person can expose themselves to a co-worker, and it is harassment. This situation can result in severe trauma, making it nearly impossible for someone to do their job.

Exercise Your Rights As an Employee

Make sure you report any instance of sexual harassment as quickly as possible. No matter who the harasser is, you have rights as an employee. You can speak with legal counsel to determine how you may hold someone accountable for sexual harassment in the workplace.

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