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What If My Employer Lied About the Real Reason for Terminating Me?

October 5, 2020 Legal Team

You were just fired from your job, and whether you were expecting it or not, something is just not adding up. Your employer explains to you the reasons behind letting you go, however, events leading up to your termination and your gut are telling you that this is not the real reason that you are being fired.

If you believe your employer is lying about the real reason for your termination, it may be because you are being wrongfully terminated from your job and the “true reason” is not what your employer claims it to be.

When an employer knows that the true reason for terminating an employee is against the law, they won’t outright say this reason, of course. Then they would be sued automatically! Instead, the employer will come up with another reason that is acceptable for firing an employee, such as:

  • Quality of work is not up to par
  • Incompetence
  • Being late
  • Insubordination
  • Dishonesty

Disagreeing With an Employer vs. Proving Wrongful Termination

Just because you disagree with the reason you were fired does not necessarily mean much unless you and your attorney can prove it to be so. As such, the steps you take following the incident and hiring an attorney are crucial to ensuring that your case is built on the solid ground needed to prove wrongful termination.

We understand that proving wrongful termination can be challenging, especially when your employer is claiming a different reason for letting you go. The best way to determine whether your employer lied about the reason for terminating you is to hire a seasoned employment law attorney in your area.

At Aegis Law Firm, our legal team is dedicated to protecting the rights of those wrongfully terminated across California. With nearly 20 years of experience helping real people through similar experiences, our legal team knows what evidence is needed to prove your case and help you obtain the fair and just compensation you deserve.

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