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Working From Home Laws in California

May 4, 2020 Legal Team

During California lockdown and stay-at-orders, many workplaces have temporarily closed their doors to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Fortunately, certain types of jobs allow employees to work from home.

For the thousands of employees working remotely during these times, it’s important to understand expense reimbursement laws. In other words, make sure you understand what work-related expenses you can be reimbursed for by your employer.

What Can I Be Reimbursed For?

According to Section 2802 of the California Labor Law, businesses cannot force you to pay out-of-pocket for equipment or other resources you need to do your job from home. If you do have to pay for something that is related to your work, you have a legal right under California law to be compensated for it.

In normal circumstances, many remote employees would not legally have to be reimbursed by their employer because their work-from-home opportunity was most likely not mandated, but instead, an option provided by the employer. In other words, the employee would be given access to their employer’s office, supplies, and equipment if they want, but choose to work from home instead.

On the other hand, when working from home is mandated, such as for many employees during the coronavirus outbreak, they don’t have the option to utilize office resources and, therefore, have the right to be reimbursed for work expenses.

The actual expenses that may be available for reimbursement may depend on your job and employer. Common expenses for reimbursement are associated with:

  • Laptops
  • Cell phones
  • Teleconferencing software
  • Internet or cellphone service
  • Training or education costs

Keep in mind that work-related expenses available for reimbursement are those that you need in order to do your job, not necessarily something that you want or would make your job easier. An employment law attorney can help you figure out whether an expense is available for reimbursement by your employer.

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