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Can I Get My Job Back After Wrongful Termination?

February 10, 2020 Legal Team

One may ask: why would anyone want a job back when the employer terminated the relationship illegally? Some people may want to return to their company for the love of the job, their co-workers, or even the company itself. One person doesn’t always dictate how you must feel about an occupation.

If you really love your job, but wrongful termination has taken you out of your position, it’s vital to recognize your rights. You may be wondering if you’re able to get your job back following a wrongful termination. There’s good news for you.

Possible Reinstatement

When you take legal action against an employer who wrongfully terminates you, much of the process concerns monetary compensation. However, there are other remedies that can benefit you, including possible reinstatement.

Some situations may allow you to seek rehiring as part of the outcome of a wrongful termination lawsuit. This remedy is most often possible when the reason for the termination has not led to complete damage of your employment relationship.

Irreparable Damage

When wrongful termination occurs because of a hostile reason, it may damage the possibility of you returning to the same position or company. For instance, if your employer fires you for denying his or her sexual advances, you may not want to go back to work with the same employer in place.

Your employer may have an order to reinstate you from the court after a wrongful termination lawsuit, but if you feel it will result in an uncomfortable workplace, you can deny a return. Typically, the ability to get your job back will be your decision if the court orders reinstatement as a remedy.

Because California is an at-will work state, it’s vital to understand how to show wrongful termination. You may be unsure of what comes next but working with a lawyer can help you protect your rights moving through the process.

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