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Jamba Juice Faces a Whirlin’ Class Action Lawsuit

December 3, 2014 Legal Team

Two former shift managers for popular smoothie chain Jamba Juice have filed a lawsuit against the company for various violations of California labor law, specifically pertaining to wage, business expense reimbursements, meal breaks, and rest breaks.

According to the complaint, shift leaders were routinely told to clock out for meal breaks and subsequently worked off the clock through a said break. On various occasions, Rosa A. and Jessica G., the two class representatives, were told to drive their own cars during their lunch breaks to deposit money at the bank for Jamba.

Rosa A. and Jessica G. also allege they were consistently denied ten-minute rest breaks as well. “Those meal periods were waived by mutual consent of the defendants and plaintiffs. Defendants required plaintiffs to ‘clock-out’ for meal periods and keep working ‘off the clock,’” the suit reads.

Other claims included in the action are as follows: failure to pay minimum wage, failure to maintain adequate business records, and wrongful termination.